Internet Marketing Products/Reviews

Hi my name is Pops, well it is not my real name but it is what the Grandchildren call me. That name has kind of stuck with me since some of my friends heard the kids call me Pops. Also I am old, probably the main reason the name has stuck with me.

This is a website about Internet Marketing Products and sometimes about their creators. Yes, I want to introduce you to some of the Product Creators I trust. These are the product producers that I would buy their products before I would buy someone else’s product. I will even recommend their creations to you and let you make your decision as to buy or not to buy.

Now I will tell you up front that their products are not the cheapest ones around, only that you will not be wasting your money for purchasing their product. I believe in helping people, not hindering people. I want you to get quality for the products you purchase.

This is my way of introducing readers to some of the Product Creators I have done business with over the years. These are the ones I can trust. There are thousands of products out there for Internet Marketers to purchase and 90% (for me) are BS. You see once purchased they accomplish nothing and most purchasers do not ask for a refund, so the seller gets away with selling you a load of crap.  Find the ones with a 30-day money back guarantee, not the 10-to-14-day guarantee.

I am going to give you the products and reviews of the sellers I can trust. These products will help you in your journey with Internet Marketing. These products will not be junk and if you do not like them, well, they will have a refund policy.

Trust is the word, in this business if you can find it, keep it. That is what I want for you—trust. I am going to try and find some sellers who will let me test drive their product and give their product an honest and truthful review. I want to give you all of the information you will need to make an informed decision on whether to purchase that product or let it be.

You need to know that I am old, but I still have the dream of making some cash online. Yes, I have made progress making a little online, not where I wanted to be. That is the main reason for this website, to help you make that decision to go forward or not.

There will be 2 sections to A1A-Marketing.COM. The first will be articles on Internet Marketing, the ins and outs of some of the ways to earn money online. I said EARN MONEY, not free money. It will also require you to spend some money to get started, you do not have to break the Bank, but you will need to spend some cash to get started. We can go over that in another article.

I will use the Posts section of this website to place the articles on Internet Marketing, here again some will pertain to you and some will not strike you as valid for your situation. I will use my pages section to do Developer and Product evaluations. Now here again some may be relevant to you and some not. That is your part to do—Research to determine if it is for you or not.

Thanks for coming and I hope it will be informative for you.


                       (told you I was old)